Student-athletes may earn legitimate on- and off-campus employment income, either during the academic year or vacation periods subject to NCAA rules and institutional policy.

Employment: Bylaw 15.2.7 states that earnings from a student-athlete's on- or off-campus employment that occurs at any time is exempt and is not counted in determining a student-athlete's full grant-in-aid or in the institution's financial aid limitations, provided:

    (a) The student-athlete's compensation does not include any remuneration for value or utility that the student-athlete may have for the employer because of the publicity, reputation, fame, or personal following that he or she has obtained because of athletics ability (Bylaw;

    (b) The student-athlete is compensated only for work actually performed; and

    (c) The student-athlete is compensated at a rate commensurate with the going rate in that locality for similar services (Bylaw 12.4.1).

Fee-for-Lesson Instruction: Bylaw states that student-athletes may receive compensation for teaching or coaching sport skills or techniques in his or her sport on a fee-for-lesson basis provided the following criteria are met:

    (a) Institutional facilities are not used;

    (b) Playing lessons shall not be permitted;

    (c)SJSU obtains and keeps on file documentation of the recipient of the lesson(s) and the fee for the lesson(s) provided during any time of the year;

    (d) The compensation is paid by the lesson recipient (or the recipient's family) and not another individual or entity;

    (e) Instruction to each individual is comparable to the instruction that would be provided during a private lesson when the instruction involves more than one individual at a time; and

    (f) The student-athlete does not use his or her name, picture or appearance to promote or advertise the availability of fee-for-lesson sessions.

Student-Athlete Employment Form PDF

The Student-Athlete Employment Form must be completed by all student-athletes who will be employed while an active member of an NCAA-sponsored sport at SJSU. The Form must be signed by the employer and head coach and submitted to the Compliance Office.

Student-Athlete Athletics Employment Form PDF

The Student-Athlete Athletics Employment Form must be completed and submitted to the Compliance Office by student-athletes who are providing fee-for-lesson instruction and/or working camps/clinics.