Recruiting Rules

Permissible Recruitment Activities by Current Student-Athletes

Telephone Calls - An enrolled student-athlete may only receive telephone calls made at the expense of a prospect prior to July 1 following the completion of the prospect's junior year in high school, provided there is no direct or indirect involvement by athletics department staff. [Bylaw]

Off-Campus Contacts - Off-campus in-person contact between an enrolled student-athlete and a prospect is permissible, provided such contact does not occur at the direction of an institutional staff member. [Bylaw]

Written Correspondence - It is permissible for an enrolled student-athlete to engage in written correspondence, provided it is not done at the direction or expense of the member institution. [Bylaw]

Official Visit/Student Host - The student host must be either a current student-athlete or a student designated in a manner consistent with the institution's policy for providing campus visits or tours to prospective students in general. The institution may provide the following to a student host entertaining a prospect:

  • (a) A maximum of $40 for each day of the visit to cover all actual costs of entertaining the student host(s) and the prospective student-athlete (and the prospect's parents, legal guardians, or spouse), excluding the cost of meals and admission to campus athletics events. The cost of entertainment of the institution's athletics department staff members who accompany the prospect is also excluded. If an athletics department staff member serves as the prospect's host, his or her entertainment costs must be included in the entertainment allowance. The entertainment allowance may not be used for the purchase of souvenirs such as T-shirts or other institutional mementos. It is permissible to provide the student host with an additional $20 per day for each additional prospect the host entertains;
  • (b) A complimentary meal, may be provided to the student host who is accompanying the prospect during the prospect's official visit; and
  • (c) A complimentary admission to a campus athletics event, provided the ticket is utilized to accompany a prospect to that event during the prospect's official visit. [Bylaw]
Unofficial Visits/Housing in Dormitories - A prospect on an unofficial visit may stay in an enrolled student-athlete's dormitory room only if the prospect pays the regular institutional rate for such lodging. [Bylaw]

Impermissible Recruitment Activities by Current Student-Athletes

Telephone Calls - Enrolled student-athletes or other enrolled students shall not make or participate in telephone calls to prospects at the direction of a coaching staff member or financed by the institution or a representative of its athletics interests. [Bylaw]

Transportation and Expenses - An institution may not provide an enrolled student-athlete with transportation or expenses to recruit a prospect except those expenses specified in Bylaw when the student-athlete serves as a student host. [Bylaw]

Student Host - The student host must be enrolled in the member institution being visited by a prospect. A nonqualifier may not serve as a student host during his or her first academic year in residence. [Bylaw]

Student-Athlete Host Guidelines

If you are asked to be a student-athlete host for an official visit, you will be required to review and sign the Student-Athlete Host Form. Please review the rules on this Form prior to acting as a Student-Athlete Host Form.

Your role as a Student-Athlete Host is very important in the recruiting process for our university athletic teams. You have a responsibility to understand and abide by the NCAA, WAC, MPSF and SJSU regulations. Please carefully review the following guidelines.

  • Eligibility: You are a full-time enrolled student-athlete at SJSU and a designated qualifier by the NCAA Eligibility Center. Non-qualifiers may not serve as student hosts during their academic year in residence.
  • Host Entertainment Money: SJSU may provide a host with a maximum of $40 per day of the official visit to cover the actual costs of entertaining the prospect (and the prospectís parents, legal guardian or spouse), excluding the cost of meals and admission to campus athletics events. Cash may not be provided to a prospect. These funds may not be used for the purchase of souvenirs such as T-Shirts or other SJSU mementos. It is permissible to provide the student host an additional $20 per day for each additional prospect the host entertains. It is the responsibility of the student-athlete host to notify the coach at the conclusion of the official visit as to how and where the money was spent.
  • Entertainment: SJSU may provide entertainment, which may not be excessive, on the official visit only to the prospect and the prospectís parents, legal guardians or spouse, and only within a thirty (30) mile radius of campus. It is not permissible to entertain other relatives or friends of the prospect at any time at any site.
  • Complimentary Tickets: During the official visit, complimentary tickets to home athletics events may be provided to the prospect and the prospectís two guests. The student-athlete host also may be provided a complimentary ticket to accompany the prospect. Special seating (e.g., media or bench area, donor reserved seating, press box) is not permitted. These tickets will be issued only through a pass list at Will Call the day of the game.
  • Meals & Lodging: A prospect shall be provided lodging and take meals as regular students do. Local commercial facilities may be used but at a scale comparable to that of normal student life and only within a thirty (30) mile radius of our campus. The student-athlete host may receive meals when accompanying the prospect. Only one student host per prospect may be provided a complimentary meal if restaurant facilities are utilized.
  • Automobiles: SJSU coaches, staff or boosters cannot provide an automobile for use by the prospect or the student-athlete host; the host is expected to use his/her own vehicle for entertaining the prospect. You may not transport the prospect or anyone accompanying the prospect more than 30 miles from the campus. You may not allow the prospect to drive your car.
  • Boosters/Media: Prospects are not permitted to interact, on- or off-campus, with boosters of the athletics program or members of the media. If an unplanned meeting occurs, only an exchange of greeting is permissible. Further, NCAA rules prohibit student-athletes from making comments to the media regarding a prospect other than confirming the institution's recruitment of the prospect prior to the prospectís signing of a National Letter of Intent.
  • Workouts: A prospect may engage in recreational workout activities as long as the activities are not organized or observed by members of the athletics department coaching staff, and are not designed to test the athletics ability of the prospects.
  • Standards of Conduct: You are expected to conduct yourself in a manner that upholds the traditions and ethical standards of San Jose State University. Do not bring discredit or harm to the Universityís reputation. As a student-athlete host, you must abstain from underage drinking, tobacco products, and non-therapeutic drugs. You may not provide such products to prospects and must discourage their use. SJSU explicitly condemns sexual harassment, sexual assault, or other sex offenses. Student-athlete hosts and prospects may not engage in any sexual offense. Student-athlete hosts may not arrange for sexual encounters for prospects. You may not engage in any gambling activities. You are required to report any observed offenses of the standards of conduct by student-athlete(s) to your head coach or to the Compliance Office. You may receive up to three complimentary admissions (issued through a pass list) to a campus athletics event. [Bylaw 13.6]