Player-Agent Policy

Sports agents, financial advisors, and anyone else recruiting San Jose State University (SJSU) student-athletes for any reason, are prohibited from having any verbal or in-person contact with SJSU freshman or sophomore student-athletes, their families or friends. Contact with SJSU junior or senior student-athletes is subject to the Agent Calendar below.

Player-agents must be registered with the state of California as a Sports Agent before representing or attempting to represent any athlete, professional or amateur, this is a California State law. Please read the Miller-Ayala Act, California's State law on athletic agents.

Agents must be registered with the SJSU Compliance Office (this may only occur after being properly registered with the state of California). Proof of state registration must be presented to the Compliance Office with a completed Player-Agent Registration Form.

Agents must abide by all NCAA, affiliated Conference and University rules, as well as all state and federal laws related to sports agents. Failure to do so will result in the agent's name and/or agency being reported to the appropriate state agencies that regulate the industry. Note: Any agent who was suspended or de-certified from a sport player's union is not permitted to contact SJSU student-athletes.

All correspondence intended for student-athletes must be sent to the attention of Lynn Meade, Associate Athletics Director for Compliance, at the address below. If and when appropriate, the correspondence will be forwarded to the student-athlete.

San Jose State University
Attn: Lynn Meade
Alan B. Simpkins Athletic Administration Building
1393 S. 7th Street
San Jose, CA 95112


Below is SJSU's agent calendar with regard to red-shirt juniors, juniors, red-shirt seniors and senior student-athletes. This calendar takes effect immediately following a student-athlete's third season of competition.

Prior to the last contest of a student-athlete's junior year: Contact in any form (e.g. phone, text, in-person) is not allowed.
Last contest of junior year through first date of senior year in-season practice: Only scheduled, on-campus agent interviews are allowed. These interviews are arranged by player invitation only.
Senior playing and practice season: No in-person contact is allowed. Agents/Advisors are allowed one phone call a week except for the day before and day of contests. Text messages and emails may be sent except for the day before and day of contests.
After last contest of senior season: No limitations.

This calendar may be modified at the discretion of a Head Coach at any time.

Thank you for your cooperation. If you have additional questions please do not hesitate to contact Lynn Meade, Associate Athletics Director for Compliance, at (408) 924-1514 or